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This section contains some additional information that may be useful based on questions we’re frequently asked by our customers. Do you have your own question? Ask our Noise Experts today by calling 01723 891 655 or email

Rental & Payment Information

A: The terms and conditions are available on our website. Click here for more information

A: We need you to complete a rental agreement form to say that you are accepting the terms and conditions of rental. The form is also used to ensure that we have all of the contact details for you that we will need.

A: The equipment is covered for damage or loss during transit where this has been arranged by Cirrus. When the equipment is with you, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is covered for damage or loss and is used correctly. If you have any questions about this, please call us.

A: You can pay by credit card, cheque or BACS. You can also complete an account application form.

A: Yes. Please contact us and we will send you an account application form. If you think that you will be hiring equipment from us on a regular basis, we would recommend completing an account application form.

Please bear in mind that we will need to contact your trade and bank references for more information and this make take some time, depending upon how quickly they respond.

A: Yes. If you need the equipment for more than 2 weeks, please let us know.

A: No. The equipment must remain within the UK, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland during the hire period.

A: When your hire period ends, we will contact you to arrange for collection and return of the equipment to Cirrus. You can contact us earlier if you have finished with the equipment. Please call us on 01723 891 655

A: If you have finished with the equipment, call us on 01723 891 655 or email us at with all of the information about where and when the equipment can be collected.

A: Our equipment is supplied with user manuals and quick start guides. We also have available a training DVD which covers basic use and information about making occupational noise measurement. You can also see these videos on our website.

A: Of course. We would be delighted to discuss purchasing options with you if you would like to buy the same or similar equipment. If you have hired equipment within a 3 month period, we will offer you a discount on the purchase price of the new equipment.

A: Yes. Just let us know when you need to have the equipment and we can arrange this for you.

A: Yes. You are free to use the equipment wherever you need to.

A: If you have any questions before, during or after you have hired the equipment, please let us know. You can call 01723 891 655 or email with any questions that you may have.

A: The equipment will be delivered to you the day before your rental period starts. We will deliver the equipment by a recognised courier and it will arrive between 9am and 5pm. We can arrange for a deliver slot in the morning or on Saturdays but this will be charged extra. Please contact us for more information.

A: Please call us as soon as possible so that we can discuss any issues or problems that may occur.

A: Yes. Please call us on 01723 891 655 to arrange an extension to the hire period. We need to know before the arranged hire period expires so that the equipment can be booked out again.

A: If the equipment arrives damaged or if you believe that there is something missing, please let us know immediately. From time to time, equipment does get damaged in transit so don't worry. Just give us a call on 01723 891 655 or email with as much information as possible.

A: Yes. We require payment for equipment before shipment unless you have an account with Cirrus Research plc. Payment can be by Credit Card, BACS or Cheque. Please contact us for payment details.

A: Please let us know as soon as possible. We do not charge for cancelled rental as long as we received notice before the start date.

A: Yes. Let us know the details on the Rental Agreement form or by email and we can arrange this at no additional charge.

A: The minimum hire period is 5 working days or 7 calendar days. What this means is the equipment is with you for 5 full working days.

A: No. All of our equipment is delivered as a complete measurement kit with all of the accessories that you will need to use the equipment. If there is anything specific that you think you will need, please let us know before we ship the equipment to you.

A: Yes, you are welcome to keep the training DVD, along with any other software, that is supplied with the equipment.

Product Information

A: Sound Level Meters are designed to meet a set of strict criteria which are defined in International and National Standards. An example of this is IEC 61672-1:2002.

These standards define a wide range of performance criteria for the instruments for all of the measurement functions that the instrument provides.

The Class or Type of the instrument describes its accuracy with the current IEC 61672 standard using Class rather than Type.

There are two levels of accuracy, Class 1 and Class 2, defined in this standard. For Noise at Work measurements, a Class 2 instrument is adequate whereas for environmental noise, a Class 1 instrument is usually preferred.

A: There are many different levels of Intrinsic Safety Certification and to make sure that the level of protection provided by the CR:110AIS doseBadge is sufficient for your location, we require you to confirm this in writing.

A: ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognised Quality Assurance and Management system. Cirrus Research plc has an approved quality management system that meets ISO 9001:2008

A: Deaf Defier and dBLink and the software programs supplied with the CR:800C Sound Level Meters and the doseBadge Noise Dosemeter respectively. The CR:162C optimus sound level meter is supplied with the new NoiseTools software program.

A: No. Our software is free from any licensing restrictions and is yours to keep at the end of the hire period. This means that you can keep the software installed on your PC and use this with your measurement data at anytime.

A: Octave bands are a set of electronic filters that divide up the noise into a number of different frequency bands. This is often used when selection hearing protection or assessing the effectiveness of noise control measures.

A: Occupational monitoring is concerned with the noise exposure of employees whereas environmental monitoring is concerned with the noise impact of operations or locations upon the surrounding environment.

A: Yes. The software supplied with the CR:800C instruments and the optimus instruments has a database of PPE that you can add to. Instructions for this are included with the help files for the software.

A: Yes. The calibration certificates are replaced each time the equipment is sent out to customers so you are welcome to keep them for your records.

A: Data logging is a function that allows the instrument to store the noise measurement information into an internal memory. This information can be downloaded to software on your PC to allow you to produce reports and analyse the noise levels.

A: Integrating means that the instrument takes an average of the noise level over a period of time. This averaging is more complicated than just adding numbers and dividing them but the instruments take care of this for you. The Noise at Work Regulations are written around 8 hour averages when considering the noise exposure of workers.

A: The software supplied with the equipment is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows7. It is not compatible with Windows NT, 2000, ME, 98, 98SE, or 95.

A: This depends upon what you are looking to measure.

If you are taking noise measurements to the Noise at Work Regulations, we would recommend that you look at the HSE website.

Click here to visit the HSE Website.