Environmental Noise Measurement Kits Hire Take control of your environment

Fully weatherproof, our kits can measure noise in all kinds of environments. Depending on which kit you choose, you can also collect your noise data remotely over a 3G/GPRS Connection.

Need to measure the impact outdoors? Whether it’s short, medium or long-term noise monitoring, our kits are up to the challenge.

Environmental Noise Measurement Kits for Hire

Environmental Noise Monitoring Kit HK:675B

Environmental Noise Monitoring Kit with CR:171B Class 1 Data Logging Sound Level Meter

Environmental Noise Monitoring Kit with Remote Download HK:685B

Environmental Noise Monitoring Kit with Remote Download with CR:171B Class 1 Data Logging Sound Level Meter, 3G/GPRS & GPS

Invictus Environmental Noise Monitor HK:247

Invictus Environmental Noise Monitor with 1:3 Octave Bands, Outdoor Microphone, Software, SIM Card & Software

Why Choose an Environmental Noise Measurement Kit?

  • Provides a fully weather protected Optimus green sound level meter & external microphone
  • Battery operation for 7 days (HK 671) and 5 days (HK 681)
  • Space for additional battery to ensure the operation of double time
  • External power port for extended operation time
  • Lockable case with space for the complete accessories
  • Standard microphone cable 10m
  • High Quality Audio Recording
  • Remote downloading of data via 3G / GPRS connection (for HK 681)
  • Storing the GPS location data with automatic synchronization of time and date (HK 681)
  • Simultaneous notified by e-mail, SMS or Twitter (HK 681)

Want to know more about environmental and community noise monitoring? Call our Noise Experts today on 01723 891 655 or email sales@noisehire.com

Environmental Noise Measurement Kit Hire

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