Optimus Green Sound Level Meter with Calibrator

 Weatherproof Case to Protect Instruments

 Weatherproof Microphone & Windshield for Any Environment

 Remote Access & SIM Card Included

 NoiseTools Software for Analysing Data

 Certificates of Calibration for Your Records

 Quick Start Guide & Batteries for Easy Set-Up


HK:685B Environmental Noise Monitoring Kit with Remote Download

The HK:680 kit is ideal for outdoor environmental noise measurements. In the kit is the CR:171B Class 1 Optimus Green Sound Level Meter which is simple to setup and use and a Class 1 CR:515 Acoustic Calibrator.

The instrument is contained in a weatherproof case which houses the battery pack and connects to the outdoor microphone unit. The battery pack will power the sound level meter for up to 7 days.

The noise meter will give you the Leq, Lmax and Ln values for each measurement (as well as SEL and Peak(C)) with all of these measured at the same time. The instrument will also measure and record 1:1 and 1:3 octave bands in real time and can provide manual and threshold triggered audio recording.

Time history data is also stored for each measurement and all of the measurement data can be downloaded to the NoiseTools software.

The kit includes:

Hire Details

The price for the HK:685B is £403.00 + VAT. Additional days can be added at a cost of £60.00 + VAT.

The minimum hire period is 3 days. This is the time that the equipment is with you. Delivery and return shipping time is not included in this time so the equipment is with you for full 5 working days (or 7 calendar days).


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