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HK:120A/5 doseBadge5 Noise Dosimeter Kit

The doseBadge5 is the new generation of noise dosimeters from Cirrus Research.

It provides all of the unique features of the original doseBadge such as no controls, cables or displays with a range of new functions and features allowing it to be used for compliance with any occupational noise standard.

It is a small, lightweight personal noise dosimeter that is the ideal way to measure the noise exposure of workers who are mobile, driving vehicles, working in confined spaces or where their work patterns vary.

Wireless communication to the dBLink App (for Android and iOS) or the doseBadge5 Wand allows the instrument to be configured and controlled without user intervention.

Measurements can be scheduled to start, pause and stop automatically with the timer functions allowing the doseBadge5 to be deployed quickly and easily.

This kit contains 5 of the CR:120A doseBadge5 units. This allows you to make noise exposure measurements on a number of different workers over their working day. This kit contains all of the accessories needed to make noise measurements to the Noise at Work Regulations.

The Kit includes:

The Advanced doseBadge5 Noise Dosimeter
The Professional doseBadge5 Noise Dosimeter Technical Information

Hire Details

The price for the HK:120A/5 is £299.00 + VAT. Additional days can be added at a cost of £46.00 + VAT.

The minimum hire period is 3 days. This is the time that the equipment is with you. Delivery and return shipping time is not included in this time so the equipment is with you for full 5 working days (or 7 calendar days).


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